Emirates Palace – Abu Dhabi – 7 stars – The arab experience…

..with true luxury and elegance. You just feel and see the Kempinski professional hotelier touch!

I stayed here for 3 nights and i really enjoyed every second. From check in to check out all was perfect…even more than expected.


The first impressions is of a huge immense building but once you settle down you discover that you do not need to move around much to enjoy al the aspects of this hotel.


Set on the only private beach in Abu Dhabi and walking distance from a shopping mall and the famous cornice. Can´t get any better.


I stayed in a Coral room. Very classic but with high-end furniture and details. Rooms are very silent. You do not hear anything from neighboors or corridor.IMG_5059 IMG_5060 IMG_5061

The beds are amazing! I slept so well.


The view was breath takting…sunset over ocean and the new Emirate palace.

Lobby & Common areas


This is the maps with the mountain biking routes on property!!! Yes it is big. But not with many rooms so you are often by yourself.IMG_5126

This is the only nightmare…long huge corridors to get to the lobby / breakfast room.  They should invest in having a smaller breakfast room in each wing maybe with a smaller-easier  breakfast for people like me that just want  coffee and a toast.



Above Hakkans….amazing Chinese food. Highly recommended.  There another 3 restaurants on property from traditional arabic to Italian, all excellent. Being a luxury hotels prices are above normal rates but Abu Dhabi offers many alternatives if you want to to leave the hotel.



On a terrace overlooking the beach. Peace and quite. Just along way back to the room afterwards 😉

Spa & Gym & Pool &Beach


Here i am mountain biking the property. Here  i´m out at the private marina behind me you see the Emirates Palace and the towers behind are the Etihad Jumeirah Towers.IMG_1297

Nice walks and swins can be done here.IMG_5157

Sail boat, canoes for free. I saw a turtle and a little shark…don´t worry I was quite far out in the bay 😉


-Service, service and service… ! Long live Kempinski!

-Location can´t get any better. Resort, beach but in the heart of the city.

-Silent rooms all with amazing views.

-The beach and the huge pools !!


-Only one breakfast room and not 2 for each wing so quite a walk each morning.

Overall vote: 9,5 out of 10

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