British Airways A320 - View from seat 1A

British Airways, Club Europe cabin, Airbus 320 – Quite ok if..

I have flow three times this year with this aircraft and in this cabin.  It is a standard European business class. I would recommend buying this class with BA only if… are having a connection to an international flight at Terminal 5. Why? Because the real and only big advantages is the fast lane through Terminal 5 and the lounges (which willl be described in another reviews.)

Brisitsh Airways A320-200 - Arlanda
Brisitsh Airways A320-200 – Arlanda

This flight was between Stockholm Arlanda and London Heathrow Terminal 5 this September.

Cabin and seats

The Club Europe´s cabin is in the front of the aircraft. This time we were 3 passengers. Maybe because it was 11th of September ? The configuration is 2-2 with an empty seat in the middle.  You find the same seats in economy only that the seat in the middle is not empty. It is the quietest part of the aircraft so you can get some rest. The only negative issue is that staff is quite loud in the galley when preparing and closing service. So I would recommend not to book the first row but a bit further away from the galley.

Brisitsh Airways A320-200 - Club Europe´s view seat 1A
Brisitsh Airways A320-200 – Club Europe´s view seat 1A
Brisitsh Airways A320-200 - Club Europe´s view seat 1A
Brisitsh Airways A320-200 – Club Europe´s view seat 1A. Notice the inclination of the aircraft at cruising altitude.


British Airways has staff which I  really appreciate. Well prepared giving you a nice and warm welcome when boarding and leaving the aircraft. Often the pilot saluts you personally upon leaving the aircraft.

A glass of Champagne, juice or water, wet towel before take off…but…not always. On my flight from London this time no wet towels or champagne before take off.  Only upon request….

Brisitsh Airways A320-200 -Club Europe´s Small bathroom
Brisitsh Airways A320-200 – Club Europe´sSmall bathroom. No special amenities.

Tolets are small and no special difference between economy and business/first class.


Food is ok.  Many years now and BA has not succeed in renewing their food onboard. Always the same thing for breakfast….The courtesy of the staff makes up for the lack in the meal presentation and quality.

Brisitsh Airways A320-200 - Club Europe´s-Breakfast
Brisitsh Airways A320-200 – Club Europe´s-Breakfast


None in this class.


-Quieter part of the cabin

-Fast lane at arrival in Terminal 5 and lounge access.

-Good and prepared staff


-TV screen. Old and not individual

-Noisy galley, avoid first rows if you need to get some rest.

-Service can vary a lot depending on the route.

-Not so clean cabin. Needs more cleaning between flights especially food  tray and seats.

Overall vote: 6  out of 10.

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