Ritz Carlton Kyoto- detail

Ritz Carlton – Kyoto, Japan – 5 star – Just Amazing…

Ritz Carlton has definitely started a “shape up” to its brand with the new properties. Kyoto´s is definitely the one that sticks out the most!

I was there in May for some nights. The hotel is newly opened but I must say that it doesn´t suffer any “child deseases” like many new opened hotel often often. The management and staff are really prepared and highly professional.

Ritz Carlton Kyoto- entrance
Ritz Carlton Kyoto- entrance

The overall design is modern but reminds you of the traditional japanese rykoan in every detail.


It is built on banks of the Kamagawa River on land that was gifted to the original owners in the early shogunate era five centuries ago. It used to be an old hotel which has been rebuilt. As you can not build high buildings in Kyoto so the hotel develops some floors under ground but the have succeeded in doing a great job as you do not really realize it from inside.  It is right in the heart of the city. Safe area as all Japan is so no worries.


Most room have internal view of the courtyard and just some on the river. I recommend river view and the higher category room if you want to appreciate the best of the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto. I slept in a Kamogawa luxury room. Worth the money. Amazing amenities such as locally handmade soap to the classic Ritz Carlton amenities.

Ritz Carlton Kyoto- Luxury KAMOGAWA room
Ritz Carlton Kyoto – Luxury KAMOGAWA room

The rooms are silent. Very silent. You can really get some good sleep. The beds are very comfortable and of course pillow menu is avaialble.  Coffee and tea complimentary in the room.

Ritz Carlton Kyoto - Luxury KAMOGAWA room -bathroom
Ritz Carlton Kyoto- Luxury KAMOGAWA room -bathroom

The bathrooms are very big and have walk-in shower and tub in same area. The toilet seats, in separate room, are high tech with water cleaning, heated seat and drying option…you know what i mean.. 😉

Ritz Carlton Kyoto- Luxury KAMOGAWA room tv screen
Ritz Carlton Kyoto- Luxury KAMOGAWA room – tv screen

Tv screen is HD and can rotate outwards towards the room. All the room has amazing woodcraft and furniture.

Lobby – Design – Common areas

I will let the pictures speak by themselves. The design is modern but very japanese.  Each details is just right! Local handicraft and artisans have helped build the hotel

Ritz Carlton Kyoto -entrance
Ritz Carlton Kyoto -entrance

Once you step out of the car you are greated by this gentle “river” which guides you towards the entrance were…

Ritz Carlton Kyoto - entrance wall
Ritz Carlton Kyoto- entrance wall

..you are welcomed by the concierge desk and an amazing wall of thousands of ceramic tiles decorating the wall. You just understand you have stepped into an exceptional hotel.

Ritz Carlton Kyoto- entrance with concierge desk
Ritz Carlton Kyoto- entrance with concierge desk

Once inside the lobby you find a cosy bar and reading area.

Ritz Carlton Kyoto - lobby
Ritz Carlton Kyoto – lobby
Ritz Carlton Kyoto - Lobby bonsai
Ritz Carlton Kyoto- Lobby bonsai

Bonsai, japanese art…you just feel that you are in Japan.

Ritz Carlton Kyoto - detail
Ritz Carlton Kyoto – detail of the elevator roof made in wood.


Different option to choose between. I went for the bonito sushi in the Bar. I highly recommend it!

Breakfast is just great. Fresh products, many choices and professional staff.

Spa & Gym

Situated the bottom floor it is private, silent and just gorgeously decorated. No need to bring swimming suite they provide everything there for free. The pool faces the internal wall with a waterfall. Such a relaxing environment were to spend some quality time. I highly recommend a visit also if you are not a SPA lover.

Ritz Carlton Kyoto -Spa corridor
Ritz Carlton Kyoto -Spa corridor
Ritz Carlton Kyoto - pool
Ritz Carlton Kyoto – pool


-Silent rooms

-Amazing design. You know and feel you are in Japan.

-Professional Staff

-Central location




-Many rooms with no special view or just on the internal courtyard. Be sure to ask for a River facing room.

Overall vote: 9 out of 10

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